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Who We Are

Our Love for baking breads started when our kids were very young. It was something that we enjoyed doing  as a family.  My kids also were not into cakes for their birthdays, so I started to make pastries instead. That was a big hit.  So, over the next 20 years I made breads and pastries. 

My family has been coming to West Jefferson for over 30 years. My parents have a home in Laurel Springs and our family outings ALWAYS included West Jefferson. I can say that West Jefferson has had a lot of growth.  Now, I am a part of that growth. I have always wanted to open a bread shop and I have spent the last 2 years looking for a home for my breads and pastries.  West Jefferson is the obvious place since it has brought me and my family so much joy. So I now want to give that joy back to West Jefferson in my products. 

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